Saturday April 14th 6-8pm


Join Leah and Gabriel for an evening of healing.

First, Leah will lead you through a gentle slow flow. Then Gabriel will guide you through a sound healing journey while he serenades you with beloved mantra, vocal overtoning, crystal bowls, gongs, and a myriad of sacred sounds to help you embark on your soul's journey. Travel to a place of deep peace, where you can activate your ability to heal through a state of deep relaxation. The vibrations of these sacred sounds come together to balance the bodies energy meridians and to melt your mind away from it's grip and patterns. A soundbath is a live improvised concert of ambient sound vibrations that shift the listener’s body and consciousness into deep relaxation and restorative biological states, offering a mini-retreat from the busy outside world. Many people attend soundbaths to reduce the effects of stress and clear tension or blockages in the mind/body/emotions/spirit, in order to feel cleansed and replenished.

Gabriel is the owner of THE House of Sacred Sound, a local Sound Temple and Meditation Center. His healing gifts are ancestrally linked and cultivated by his training at the Seattle Sound Temple. He has found tremendous momentum in his own personal inner work through sound healing and is dedicated to holding space for other seekers.

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